lunar surface

how would i best recreate the rocks on a lunar surface, like this:
is there a way to do this with particles or a script which could produce random objects on a surface, randomly?

When I worked on a Mars-like surface I created many “rocks” and used a python script to drop them to the ground mesh. You might also try the “PaintFX method” explained here: though I’m not sure it would still work in our current release.

Some of the rock geometry was created with a commandline app RockTools. Normal maps were created and the geometry reduced. A few “hero” rocks were sculpted.


AND NOT ONLY DOS VERISON ? and is there a python script to do that or not existing yet ?


Sorry, I don’t have a solution for you, other than installing Cygwin. The tools should work find running under Cygwin.

Here’s a Windows version of some of the scripts. You’ll need to export a simple shape from Blender as an .obj file. It must be triangles, not quads. Then you can drag your simple .obj file on to rockdetail.bat and it will make a higher detail model, which you can import back into blender.

Read the help file and the site for various options.

i tough theses where script in python
but seems they are all sub in C i guess

so if i understand you correctly you start by makin a small general rock shape in blender
then export it as OBJ and then you ahve to run one of the program by giving the file name to this program and it will create anothere file style obj that you have to import into blender!

so i guess i have to install the C librairie from Microsoft to get theses program running
or if i akso need to find a C program also ?


I have only tried the rockdetail.bat. For that, you can just drag and drop your .obj file. Otherwise you can type in the command or create your own batch file from the rockdetail file.

Create a simple low poly rock in Blender, then convert to Triangles and Remove Doubles, then export to .obj. Then process it with one or more of the rocktools.

I’m not sure if you need any extra libraries. It runs for me without asking for any .dlls, but I already have various runtimes on my system.

Here’s Suzanne with level 3 rockdetail. You should really use a much lower detail model.


i made a model with the monkey

and exported tit as waveform OBJ
and got 2 files r1.obj and r1.mtl i think
i do you make certain you got only triangles
i guess you ahve to run the Alt-j commande i guess!

now you say to drag and drop on the file in the folder
never used that feature before - hoe it works with window vista!
i hoe the lib C is already included

i’ll do test this afternoon and see waht happen theere


Here’s a wall I did at level 5.