Luxcore 2.4 Vs Cycles Bench

Just found time to make a little interior archviz Bench comparison between Luxcore 2.4 and Cycles 2.82a.
The test scene was made artificially hard to put pression on both engine. For example the high bounces set of 24 for all path (diffuse/glossy/transmission aka specular). Also the narrow window help to stress both engine radically diferent approach to sky portal (cycles use portal vial manually placed area lamp while Luxcore do it automatically by detecting all opening area of the scene).
At the end apart from the left white shelves where cycles is cleaner Luxcore is way cleaner in all over place (walls / under table & chair / windows area). Luxcore also look more realistic and brighter thanks to its integrated caching engine.
Finally in this test Luxcore show a striking 4X faster render while being nicer.

Note that this still feature light traced caustics so it is even brighter than the video one.

Youtube video :


I’m curious! Why it need to be 5000 in Cycles? and why it cause a lot of noise? It look like 1000 samples for me.

24 light bounces for all isn’t trivial to compute. Small Windows plus small light source. Lot of white reflective surface.
It is really a stress test and both engine share the same difficulty.
Sure we can make both render time lower. But anyway in same conditions Luxcore will be faster.

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Great! I tried Luxcore and it’s really fast and can produce very nice caustic. I don’t know but I prefer the workflow in Cycles. Did you use GPU in Luxcore?

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Luxrender always looked better, which I think was always overlooked because everyone was talking about the specialties. Nice that it comes through now and luxcore is also much faster.


Yes GPU are intensively used in my workflow from AMD to Nvidia :

Old rig R9 390 nitro
New rig RTX 2060 super
Office rig GTX 1080 Ti.

Sure if you’re new to Luxcore you will need more time to feel at home. for easy transition i suggest you this :


Thanks, I checked it already