Luxcore Light group animation Schminke House Löbau 1930s

Haus Schminke
vom Architekten Hans Scharoun

iconic house from 1930s remake under
blender 2.93 and Luxcore 2.6 Build for the
Luxcore integrated Library.

Took around 30mins for each of the 3 frames
On a RTX 2060s and i7 8700k denoise with OIDN
used to make the Luxcore Light group animation.
The 3200 light animation frames just took 1s each.

House Modelling done my architect brother
EDEM FETOR with Blender

Lighting Rendering Composting By Draviastudio
grass Vegetation and furniture are from
Luxcore Online Library :


Stunning work!


Thanks Sarmath glad you like it !

Also in case people wonder here are the luxcore ready made assets use in this project .

Luxcore online Library

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

An Honor Bartv !

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with Sarmath, stunning work. Also i like the water material.
My 2 cents about water: maybe the surface looks too much flat but, hey :+1:

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Just to say that the Haus Schminke is there to be download throught the Luxcore online library addon for free thatnks ours Patreons supporter.

Other Luxcore ready model can be found here :