Luxcore Livingroom Animation

As i’m working on a archviz short film i wanted to test some idea and tricks with a smaller project.
I wanted to keep caching speed up while being able to animate light. It worked pretty well with the
TV. So i didn’t get flicker from Luxcore caches.
But i got catch by the DOF heavy noise denoising. Still a good experience. All frames done on Blender 2.90.1 and render with LUXCORE 2.4 with RTX 2060s + i7 8700k.


I really liked the feeling of air in the room. volumes, space, distances are felt.


Thanks Dez ! when i think that this is with very low settings (for the sake of speed) i can’t wait to go higher.

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Awesome :star_struck:

Two things that I found a little unnatural. The camera shake is a little too much and the focus switch from the TV to the planter on the table is too quick. But that´s just my noob opinion.

Overall it´s great :+1:


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Wow really awesome couldn’t expect more to finish my day. slight_smile:

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Nice. How many FPS?

Rendered at 24 FPS.

I am curious with the price of TRX 3000 cards if it makes sense to still get an RTX 2060

Doesn’t make sense IMHO. This RTX 2060s just replace my old R9 390 nitro so for me it was a big improvement. But now that there are RTX 3000 out plus Rx 6000 with special caching tech capable of improving rendering i guess it is better to be patient and see how it unfold.
Also in couple of months price can fall down while GPU memory from Nvidia is rumored to double on RTX 3000.

Thanks for the input. I assume the 3000 series will have a better wat usage.

Very nice project! How many samples did you render? And how long did it take per frame? :smiley:

96 samples per pixel.

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Wow that’s as real life as it can get! imagine when videogames will look like that