Luxcore Online Library

Hey guys !
After more than a year of hard work Dravia.Studio and Luxcore team are very proud to share with you LOL the Luxcore Online Library. The main goal of this project is to make the step to luxcore a lot easier than before :

Made in Blender for Blender

__ Download dozens of free 3D models for Luxcore

__ Access more assets with just 5$ patreon support :

__ Every Month Update with more models and catégories

Discover More here :


Time to share with you some of the upcoming update assets. Always the same unlock the entire library assets for just 5$ subscription on patreon.
not 5$ per asset.


Looks great,All the best!

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Do you remenber the first update preview post ? wonder what is coming next ? here are the missing file available right now on the library ready to use.

Say welcome to Luxcore online library first update.

this update contain now :

___11 high quality Sofa

___ 5 new Chair

___ 3 realistic floor lamp

___ 2 modern table