Luxcore vs CyclesX Benchmark

Many artists just wonder wich one to pick between Cycles and Luxcore.
With the release of Blender 3.0 and Cycles X debut many just made bench
and compare previous Cycles version to the new CyclesX but Not only that.
We also witness the Blender Guru Benchmark between Corona Cycles X Luxcore
And Arnold Vray. Strangelly enought the result of blenderguru come out with lot of
So after some encouragement from users in the Lux community I just gave it a shot
with an actual real world good size Archiviz project. and result are quite suprising
even for myself.
Make sure to watch the Video here on:


Final 3K Render with Luxcore Gi cache:

A cropped View comparison of all engines mode


This is best comparsion til date I have ever seen about luxcore done by the man who actually knows the engine like the back of one’s hand. Bravo!


Thanks. What was the hardware used?

I feel most images have too much GI.

Sharlybg used :

Intel I7 8700k
RTX2060 Super

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That card do not get all the Optix goodies.

I wonder why the 2nd and 3rd images have different brightness. The method should be the same and also unbiased (plain, unidirectional path tracing), no?

Does someone know, if Luxcore treats Cycles materials or lights differently in some way? Or might that be an effect of limited number of bounces?

I really want to work with Luxcore, but it’s just too tedious and costs too much time to edit all my Cycles assets to work properly with Luxcore.

It is worth doing it. The good thing is that Luxcore allows you to keep both the cycles material, as well as the Luxcore material in each asset. Just slowly convert each asset as you go needing them in your projects, and soon you’ll have a pretty decent library. Also, @sharlybg 's LOL packs are top quality. If you do archviz, Lux always gives the best results!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart !
That is a good way to end the week :slightly_smiling_face: