LuxCoreRender v2.6

Time to open a new thread about the under development LuxCoreRender v2.6.

Here are some of the new features that are already available in latest builds :

  • BIDIRCPU can now use PhotonGI caustic cache to render SDS paths
  • Optimized the parsing of mesh light sources and it is now about 3x faster
  • Introduced (partial) multi-thread support in pre-processing of Light sources
  • Integrated OpenColorIO v2.0
  • Added the support for new TONEMAP_OPENCOLORIO tone mapper
  • Added the support for color spaces (Nop, LuxCore and OpenColorIO) to image maps
  • Added the support for color spaces (Nop, LuxCore and OpenColorIO) to constant textures
  • Added the support for color spaces (Nop, LuxCore and OpenColorIO) to implicit definitions of constant textures
  • Added the support for color spaces (Nop, LuxCore and OpenColorIO) to materials
  • Added the support for color spaces (Nop, LuxCore and OpenColorIO) to light sources
  • FILESAVER avoids to save the internal random image map (used by randomized tiling)
  • Updated to Intel Embree v3.12.2
  • Updated to Intel OIDN v1.3.0
  • Updated to OpenImageIO v2.2.13.1
  • Regularize coordinate system to solve some anisotropic related issue with glossy material (pull request #521)
  • UVRandomMapping2D now supports optional random rotation step parameter (issue #528)
  • LocalRandomMapping3D now supports optional random rotation step parameter (issue #528)
  • Introduced the concept of Scene texture image maps resize policy and the support for NONE and FIXED policies
  • Reworked the way alpha channel is computed for transmitted paths
  • Introduced the MINMEM Scene texture image maps resize policy
  • Updated to Intel OIDN v1.4.0
  • Added the support for Intel OIDN auxiliary buffers pre-filtering
  • Added the support for new pyluxcoretools MakeTX
  • Introduced the MIPMAPMEM Scene texture image maps resize policy

Aside from OpenColorIO v2.0 and new color spaces support, the most interesting new feature is the support for automatic image maps resize policies:

Automatically saving precious GPU ram without any rendering quality cost (and without ray differentials).


@Dade Thanks for the work with LuxCore. Don’t use it often but for specific projects it’s unmatched.

Can latest dev releases be run on 2.93?

Yes, it is compiled with the same Python version used by Blender v2.93 (i.e. you can use LuxCoreRender v2.5 up to Blender v2.92 and v2.6 for v2.93+).


very nice thank you :smiley:

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You spoke of BlendLuxCore v2.6 but there are links only for BlendLuxCore v2.5 ???
Where is the 2.6 release, please?

Click the link and under “BlendLuxCore latest build” click on assets: there you will find BlendLuxCore for Windows, Linux and Mac.

You can find some more information about automatic builds from latest sources here:

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Clearer! Thks a lot for your very good job!

Installed the July 25 build of BlendLuxCore in the Sculpt Dev build, which is Blender 3.0 alpha, but I get an error when trying to activate the add-on. :slightly_frowning_face: Is this correct, or am I doing something wrong?

AFAIK BlendLuxCore is not yet compatible with the 3.x versions of Blender.
Officially 2.93.x is officially supported.

That’s too bad. I hoped the latest Blender versions would run BlendLuxCore again since the Python version update.

I found a bug:
(2.93.1, 2.6 alpha0, latest build from 26.07.21)
Blender crashes with a linked mesh that has an emission shader, when changing the emission values while in render preview
linkedObject Emission Crash.blend (793.6 KB)

Hi, I can verify on Blender 2.93.2 Beta, 2.6 alpha0 a few days old.
Please report to the Luxcore forum or bug tracker, the Luxcore devs steps by here from time to time but I guess it is better to report directly there.

Cheers, mib

I’m wondering: is it possible to adjust BlendLuxCore’s World HDRI environment using the Blender node editor? What I’d like to achieve is (additively) combining two or more HDRI environments, in order to get a more intricate HDRI, without having to go to a 2D image editor.

We all like well designed interior renders or photography, It is inspiring. We see it all other the place arround us living room , Coffee shop , bedroom , Dining room , Offices … But how many time you tried to reproduce one of this beautifull space found on Pinterest and give up ? Or you run out of time or energy or inspiration go away or too much things to do before you start to see the fruit of your imagination rendering on your screen bit by bit. Luxcore Online Library as been made for thoses who like working with The engine but yet like too focus on they art more than technical aspects. With this new update assets pack your next renders will enjoy more than 50 Furniture , lights , and decoration objects made from existing manufracturer data. As always Drag drop tweak to your taste and your are done : … re-pack-ii


Amazing peacefull Bedroom with Luxcore by : Chu Tung

High res : High resolution renders


Have you been in a hurry once trying to complete a project for client late in the night ? Right at the moment you start your first rendering you see how empty the space is , no details , no objects to help understand the space . You can’t make an empty clothes Store render and same for a dressing. But all thoses details are time consuming to make one by one. At Draviastudio we want to make your life easier providing the extra details mixing in your project. We want you to stay focus on your Art working Smarter not Harder enjoying your work with Luxcore render engine. Find in this package 40 assets ready to populate your scene. As always theses object are compatible with Luxcore online Library addon.


Hi, nice models as usual.
Btw. the image is not loading in CGTraders.

Cheers, mib

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Time for an interior design trip : All rendered with Luxcore 2.6
Normally the image took 2min to render at 1.5k and around 4min at 2K with denoiser.
But as i couldn’t save the resulted denoised image as EXR I just let them cook for a while


Luxcore online library get more than 70 furniture light etc … assets :


Thanks to all your support we have been able to make recent polyhaven assets
available to all Luxcore user through Luxcore online library. Hope we will see some
Art from you. Happy Lux to you all :