Luxo Jr.

This is a scene I did recently including the lamp from Pixar’s short, Luxo Jr, and their logo. I would just like a bit of feedback on things that could be improved or added.


It’s looking pretty good, you seem to have the modeling down pretty good.

I do have some comments about the scene though, mainly about the placement of the chair and the wall, i think it would make the scene more appealing if you pulled the walls back, too make the scene bigger, and also if you angled the chair slightly and just pulled it back a touch, also add some edge loops around the chair top, so it isnt so smooth.

Also if you if you soften the shadow that is falling and change the colour of the shadow to a pale blue, then have a little bit of spec on the lamp material and add an edge loop to the base of the lamp, just to give it a little more defination.

Just an idea, but if you move the walls back, model a floor and perhaps an object or two, they dont have to be very detailed, but you could place a window in the background or to the side of the image, it doesnt have to be in the scene, then have the light come through the window and have the light fall upon the lamp/ table and the chair and lighting up the walls a little, i think it could be a very good looking scene :slight_smile:

i think the scene is too bright, i would try toning down the “outside lights” and raise the refl. or emit sliders on the lamp material. also the scene needs work to match up with the lamps awesomeness, might put it on a flat background? maybe add and outlet for the plug? good work, WAM

Edit: wheres the ON switch?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve started to modify the scene by moving out the walls and softening the shadows. I haven’t got a preview image yet (left it to late to render it with the new lighting).

WAM Breaker: The on switch is at the top of the lamp, behind the bulb.
Here is an update of the scene. I have moved out the walls, added a skirtingboard, the ball from Luxo Jr. and I have also softened the shadows.

looks great! :smiley: tho where the wall meets the floor looks funny. Are you use AO (Ambient Occlusion)?

Modelling looks good, but i think the lighting could use some work. The table is unevenly lit, although the primary light source is from the roof? Also, the shadows of the chair and of luxo are going different directions.

How about making the light from luxo the most important light source?