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Choosing Blender 2.40 has saved me many bucks so I was trying to invest in something useful. Is MODO a good complement with Blender, and will my productivity increase, or its just a waste of money as everything it can do can be done in Blender easily…

Please a little help required.

Thx anyways.

I think that Modo is designed for production 3d modeling of polygonal objects. If you want a more advanced modeling tool than what is available in Blender right now you can try out other modelers. Wings3d which is free or Silo which is around $100 bucks or so.

The important thing about 3d modeling learning how to do the basics. The basics of vertex modeling, face extrusion modeling, box modeling, edge loops, etc. For basic modeling Blender is fine. Modo will offer you a lot more precision modeling features that go well beyond basic modeling. Modos target user is a 3d modeler who wants more features than the average all around 3d app offers. It allows the modeler to customize their workflow in many advanced ways.

There is more to Modo than just modeling so it is a good app to get a hold of.

As with anything software based you should use what you need. If you need Modo, get Modo.

If Blender saved you some bucks, I would suggest putting down some cash for better PC hardware before you upgrade your software workflow. But that’s just me maybe, but it will speed up your workflow a lot.

Blend on!

Thanks for the reply I think the punchline / bottomline was “If you need MODO get it”.

Hey, was beating myself up over a decision to switch my graphics and coding operations over to Linux. I had to realize that I needed it so I got it. I don’t regret it, yet…Hehehe.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but how do I know if I need it? What can it do for me? Can someone sell me on MODO?

If you need a salesman to convince you to shell out money for MODO, you’d be better served by trying the MODO website. Nobody here but us blenderheads, and you know which application we choose.

Me, I’d like to hear about JA-Forreal’s switch to linux. Are you a web designer, JA?

If you are thinking about buying Modo,
maybe you should also have a look at zBrush:

and maybe have a look at some tutorials to see what it can do:

just download the trial

Does ZBrush run on OSX? I thought it doesn’t but maybe I’m wrong.

Let us not forget -

Best of Luck!

Modo will not be necessary if you can learn most of blender - it crashes a lot!!! - when you are checkin out the forum check out the Support section and see how many people have really inconsistent usage problems and the program will hard crash at least once a day if not a few times an hour - I am here trying to escape the anguish that modo has caused me - I only use it for rendering and texturing - I build everything in Solidworks 2008. Cant wait to get blender upt o speed!

Everything that you can do in Modo CAN be done in Blender. The question is can it be done as easily. In my experience Modo’s much more user friendly. That said everything that you can do in Modo can be done in Blender. It just depends whether or not you want to spend the money for Modo.

User friendly is not an important thing for me If userfriendly means slower.

Blender may not be user friendly , but once you know it, its so fast. you will never want the userfriendlyness.

Modo is pretty good, I really liked it (ironically) because I could set it up to work like wings! LOL

It’s user friendly (sort of) AND can be customised to how you like (work fast)
The defaults are well thought out and fast anyway though one mans meat is another mans poison.
I used lightwave for 12 years or so, and modo is basically lightwave modeler evolved…
Nice stuff, a few oddities…

Blender is sort of like an evolved lightwave modeller too… (though weaker in a few areas, still good where it counts.

these days I don’t care what package I use (i’ve used most of them at one time or another)

It seems to me increasingly that the software capability is less important than knowing the software really well. they’re all similar these days and the arguments that arise are often over such minor things!

There’s a free trial of modo, so try it on for size.

+points for mode are sculpt and paint and the fast GI in the renderer and "micropoly displacement

cons: no animation. (thoughi think you can render .mdd files so you can render animation…

I really liked the interface ('cause of lightwave) others find it a bit weird 'cause it isn’t max or maya… sound familiar/