Luxrender - Blender Units, Metric and scale factor

I’ve read in the Luxrender Wiki that 1 Blender Unit translates to 1 meter in Luxrender. What if I set up my Blender scene in metric measurement? Is 1m in a Blender scene still 1m in Lux? And does the scale factor (between units and dimensions) in the scene units setup influence the translation between Blender and Luxrender scale?

Thanks in advance.

The metric/imperial options in the scene panel are essentially cosmetic. They just convert units for display, and allow you to enter some values as units (for example, you can enter .01 in a length field as “1cm”). Everything is still stored as BUs internally, and LuxBlend will still assume 1BU = 1m. The scale factor in the scene tab allows you to adjust the global scale of things, all relevant scales are multiplied by the value set here.

So 1m in a Metric scene will still be interpreted correctly in Luxrender?

Thank you for explaining.