Luxrender first impressions

This is my first test of Luxrender (rendertime about 8 hours)

Any tips to improving the quality of the image and/or render speed?

Aslo can anyone send me a tutorial on how to texture objects in Luxrender?

Thanks to NkModel3d for the couch:

8 hours ? Yeah this is what stopped me from testing Luxrenderer longer - it is very slowly, so switched back to Cycles, but hope they will improve it soon!

Well, you certainly didn’t get what you paid for in this image.

You have almost close box with bright walls, it mean lot of high order bounces still noticeable, and you need many time to clear noise. You can speed up a lot if change wall materials to something darker. And decrease max bounce parameter to compensate CPU time. Remember, final color after N bounces is ~ pow( material_color, N), it decrease very fast for dark materials and very slow for material that close to 1.0.