LuxRender for Blender gives checkered result

(Echo) #1

Whenever I try to render with LuxRender, it gives this result. It all appears checkered.

Can someone please help me with this?


(sharlybg) #2

Are you on the luxcore 2.1 alpha 4 the last version . This is the old default shader of previous alpha version.

(ajm) #3

It’s because you have no materials assigned. It’s like the pink or black you get with Cycles.

(Echo) #4

I’m on version 2.0

(Echo) #5

Thnx bro. It did help but those objects that I made with cycles with materials included gives checkered result. Does that mean I’ve to assign materials for them all over again or there’s a way I can save my hard work? Here’s the render:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #6

There is currently no automatic material converter from Cycles to LuxCore node trees.
So if you want to port a scene from Cycles to LuxCore, you have to recreate the materials.
We would like to have such a converter, but so far nobody found the time/motivation to do it.

However, your Cycles materials are of course not lost. If you switch back to Cycles, they are just like you left them. LuxCore material nodes are completely separate, editing one will never affect the other.

The checker pattern is used so you can more easily spot which materials don’t have a node tree yet.
Go to the material tab and click the button “Use LuxCore nodes” to create a node tree.