LuxRender for SketchUp?

Is there any chance that LuxRender will ever be capable of being used on other software? I was thinking especially Google SketchUp; that would be really awesome, but I’m guessing if it even is going to happen it’s not going to happen any time soon. Does anyone agree with me, or know of any articles or news that might have said something about this that I’ve just missed?

You mean like this?

The SketchUp exporter to Luxrender currently only has one commit made in the last half-year according to its log so I don’t think it really has any of the features added since the 0.7 release.

It’s not actively developed to keep it up to date with the newest Lux features like Luxblend (2.49 and 2.5)

Thanks, both of you; I’ll test it out and see how it works (or if it works)