Luxrender GLE render

Hi guys !

Just want to share another work done with luxrender gpu engine it is the new Mercedes GLE coupe !

10mn on single AMD R9 390 nitro .

can you have a test on Cycles OCL?
any testing using Indigo4?

nice work btw
should add some motion blur & clamp fireflies

Only 10 minutes,its gpu based?

Really nice! I love those reflections in the car.
In general I do not like the Lens distortion effects. Instead you could try in this vegetation some blur effect and perhaps better configuring depth of field.

Very nice model and materials! I like the tree limb in foreground for added depth.

I agree the comp would benefit from some motion blur for the illusion of speed, at least on the rims but also either on the car or the background, if possible.

LuxRender ( Luxcore for the internal Blender version ) use OpenCL path tracing on GPU + CPU.

10mn on single AMD R9 390 nitro .

Luxcore sobol is extremely fast for outdoor it is a real monster believe me !

What I really like is Luxrender’s tonemapping.
I think it boosts a lot the look of this image.
Good overall colors and saturation.

I don’t like that much materials tho and the car’s modeling looks superficial.

I don’t understand if the road sign is flipped upside down for some ironic purpose.
Also who should read it? The one with the camera who’s taking a photo?
It looks also somewhat cartoonish, the arrow has not the real dimensions.