Luxrender interior tutorial

Hi everyone it’s me again ! this time with a tutorial about interior rendering using luxcore aka luxrender engine.
you will learn how to setup :

1/ Luxcore engine api 2x for interior


3/ camera Dof + others

4/ darktable + gimp postprod

Hope you like the tutorial ! If yes help us making better courses by subscriving to the channel. The startup file is in the video description. Hdri is from HDRIHAVEN.

Excuse for being a bit late the tutorial was set for wednesday (got some problem while recording things because of noisy neighbour).

results :



video tutorial:

Beautiful. I would like to get a new LuxRender user but my pc memory actually isn’t so wide and with Lux it crashes often. Or maybe is LuxCore not so fully integrated and stable yet. I have followed your tutorial, quite useful not only for Lux but for every people interested in ArchiViz. I hope soon to be part of your followers. Thanks a lot

Very beautiful.

I just (re)discovered Luxrender and seems that it is a lot of good progress there.

What means “Luxcore engine api 2x” ?

Totally new API, instead of old Classic API ;)…
but engine not spectral anymore :frowning:

Thanks Sharly for the tuto, im a bit late, not seen your post.

Luxcore is the internal API ( OpenCL ), and is fully integrated in Blender. (LuxBlend).

one suggestion, please give your downloadable files a readable name as the description text