Luxrender problems

After more then 20 hours of rendering, luxrenderer leaves still some frakels. The red circles are the problem zones. Maybe someone has an suggestion for me.


whats the problam??

The problems are hard to see, since the image is so small and compressed.
Since the topic is luxrender I assume you are talking about fireflies(little white spots).

I have had lux (set on metropolis) render for 36 hours and still had them! If you use lux you are in for the long haul. Check out the forums on their site for more help, you will see in the gallery there some images that took 90 hours or more to render. I suggest you use Blender Internal, and just light your scenes better, IMO lux is useless for animation, and really only good for arch vis.

I’m not sure what your problem is with the image, but if you are talking about reducing fireflies, you can do that by lowering the MaxRejects to something like 10.

It is typical board edicate to actually post your render settings for Lux. Because there are different samplers and integrators, and they produce different results/artifacts, it is hard to diagnose problems without know what your settings are.

This looks like a metropolis render to me, are you using bi-directional? You might want to consider using low discrepancy and distributed path.