LuxRender v0.6 Final Release

Hi all,

At long last, the LuxRender team is happy to announce the availability of the final v0.6 version of LuxRender. This release represents a huge evolution since the previous 0.5 stable version. For those following more closely LuxRender development, only bug fixes went in since the last release candidate.
The packages for Windows/MacOS/Linux are available from the usual location.

I’ll refer you to the announcement for more details on this release.

Thanks to all those that have made this release possible either by providing source code and ideas or patiently helping us track down issues.


Awesome release!
What’s more awesome is that the long-held patches will be rolled out in the code finally :smiley:

Great work on the best external renderer for Blender.

Hurray! Great job Lux team and thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Lux is a fantastic tool for the graphics toolbox.

is there any news/development of a luxrender exporter for blender 2.5?

seeing as there’s a new render api and all that jazz… just wondering if they’re working on it?

You can read about the 2.5 render API / Luxblend integration here:

thanks philbo