Luxrender website stolen?

I just bought a AMD gpu to replace my slow NVidia gt 640 and because cycles does not work well with AMD I though I would dabble with Luxrender until cycles gets better opencl support. When I went onto the Luxrender website to download I got redirected to a website called Its really annoying. Does anyone else have this issue?

seems ok to me

happy bl

No you’re right John95!
For me too it’s the same “shoppingfordress” page here in France…

Did they Change the website URL? The first link works perfect.

Yep, all the above links take me to Shopping for dress… on my work PC, on my mac at home, on my mobile phone… I’m UK based FWIW.

I can only see the forum. I also see shopping for dress and something else entirely yesterday. I connect from Poland

Everything works for me, mac / safari / switzerland.