Luxury Penthouse in Australia

Hi guys, After a huge work of a few weeks I completed this project successfully.

I worked hand in hand with a great interior designer in Australia called Simone Haag.

This project had 8 images of:

TV room
Living room
Dinning room
Main bathroom
Main room

I hope you like it.

High definition in:

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this looks supper great , really nice work

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this looks supper great , really nice work


Thank you!

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This looks awesome! @CristianTM You are actually architectural visualization studio from New York right?

Hi, Not currently, I was a few months.

In either way, great renderings man! :star_struck:

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You’re #featured!


to many AO factor

Thank you Bart

Hi Kefner, In these renders I did not use AO, maybe there is too much exposure, I will keep it in mind for my next visualizations

great shots !
Maybe a little overfloodded with light.
But that’s also a question of taste. Some people like this kind of feel more.

keep on rendering
waiting to see more great renders…

Thank you so much!

Spectacular job, it really captures the essence of an Australian house, well done.

One thing which I always find disappointing in interiors (apart from one guy) is plants. The lighting and materials look spot on, composition is nice, but the plants just look like plastic. Give them a bit of translucency and try to work with the roughness map as well as you can. It might actually help to just go find a leaf of the type of plant you’re trying to make so you can get an idea as to how it looks.

Otherwise, this is pretty much flawless. Awesome work.

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WHy is the link to artstation blocked or not working?

PS why not state that its done with blender on Artstation?

Kind of weird that the images are tagged with 3dmax on instagram? or did you only use Cycles for rendering orso?

Thank you very much, about your advice I will keep it in mind and I will improve a lot in that aspect so that it can look better.

Hi, here I attached the link again


On the tags shows that it was made with Blender

Everything was created from blender, in instagram I use different hashtags to reach more people.

That could mean your digging a hole for yourself. Perhaps possible customer comes with a request which can only be done in 3dmax. What than?

In that case I could not do the job, but normally in the area of architecture and the clients I have always wanted 3dsmax (because it is the program they know where you can achieve what they want) Instantly convinced them that blender is also achieved good results.

Speaking so that the client only wants images or videos, if the client wants a file can be exported to .FBX or .OBJ, I believe that for everything you can find a solution.