LW>>B: equivalent of Hard-Link, Meta-Link, and similar?

In LW, you could use various tools to link simple geometry, usually 2pt polychains, to more complex geometry, animate/simulate the simple geometry and get equivalent motion out of the more complex meshes.

IIRC, “Hard-Link”, “Meta-Link”, and “Sock Puppet” were examples of this, there may be a couple more.

In Blender, what are the equivalent tools, workflows, and/or processes?



Surface deform modifier is like meta-link.

Good one! (I’m still learning the modifiers.)

“Hard-Link” is interesting in that it sorta …::searching for words::… does a deformation by “Connection” – all Connected Verts are displaced equally, but the next set in the same Object is not. Good for rigid yet jointed objects.

for hard link you can just use instances.

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Excellent advice: it’s SO easy to get blinkered into one’s old workflow, reminders like this are really valuable. :+1: