Though Sean Connery latest movie probably be a theatrical catastrophe, the name of it gave me an idea.
I am proud to present the League of Extraordinay Graphical freewares:
The main idea is gather as many names of working, stabile, graphical FREEWARE, that can be handy to working side by side with Blender, so we can creat quality graphics and with no money to stop the overflowing creativity we see in this forum!!!

Every program Introduced must be:
2. stabile.

And every program should be/have:
1.Crossed platform.
2. English interface.
3.not an addware.
4.not spy program.

A post should contain an:

  1. up to date link to the program downloading page or site.
  2. short explaining about the program and it’s properties.

List of 2d freeware: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/1818093/

List of 3D freeware: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/512417

i think what @ner is trying to point out is REALLY good freeware like blender.

and my imput painfully obvious but true. THE GIMP

Easy - Wings3D, a simply marvellous modelling program.


I’m working on a website of my own, it has a page on the most common tools that I use, most of them are freeware, I only listed the really useful ones: Blender, POV Ray, YAFRAY, Lightflow, Wings3D, HDRShop, Blender HDR Utility, Terragen, Plant Studio.

check it out at: http://deeppixel.freeweb.hu/tools.html, with the links to the websites, and a short description of each.

NOTE: the site isn’t near finished, only the gallery and tools pages work so far.

I have one that I think you’ll like.
It’s a neat little image viewer called XnView.
It’s great for viewing and converting images without having to load
a huge image editor.

And it can import (checks) about 400 graphic file formats
and export about 40! Very handy! Check it out.

xnview is by far the best image browser going, when you have
100’s of images to manage.

wow thank you good people of the blender community!!! keep on!



Didn’y had any idea that was made before :expressionless: make it a sticky so you would not need to waste time looking for it

I use alot of freeware,…here are some of my favs:

-Zweistein video editor
-Zerius Vocoder (great for robot speech among other things, but you are not limited to using your voice as the carrier. experiment.)
-Quartz audio master (excellent multi tracker, with midi and audio tracks)
-Hammerhead drum machine
-VirtualDub video editor
-WinMorph 3.01
-Rostrum Camera
-Audacity (great for noise removal!)
-Nero wav editor
-Movies12 ( good for making gifs out of avi. works great in combination with blender and VirtualDub)
-FM Dreams Softsynth (great for making metalic sounds in particular)
-Anvil Studio (The wav studio is great for making organic sounds. Last one I made was a hedgehog. Sounded great. Has midi and audio.)
-IrfanView is an excellent viewer. Also will do some minor editing, and conversion. many file types.
-JPEGVideo is good for assembling jpegs into avi.
-And of course, the GIMP!
Those are a few programs I use. Hope that it is helpful.