Hey everyone.
Haven’t posted an image in a while here. I’m writing a little story for fun and though it’d make one of the characters in blender. Her name is Lynn obviously from the thread’s title. I’d appreciate your feedback. She’s about 18 or so years old give or take a bit and a bit stylized obviously so I wasn’t going for photorealistic here :).

Thanks for viewing,


If you’re not going for photorealism, no crits here :slight_smile:

Really nice work man…I love the fabric and the hair, my only critiques are 1) you can see the plane she’s standing on. and 2) I think the bloom effect is a little overdone.

great one Crititrozoz :slight_smile: very cute…
i love your style, and i personally love the bloom effect, it adds more to the awesomeness of the character :slight_smile:

hoping to see more of your great artwork soon