Lynx Queen

Personal Project I made for the Blender Guru Character Competition. I wasn’t able to finish on time but here is the final render :slight_smile: All done using Blender, rendered in Cycles and minor retouching in Photoshop
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I like the style and the colors you used, but the long fingers kinda creep me out a bit.

Great, thanks! She’s a villain so that’s why the fingers are that way, so creepy is good :wink:

If you didn’t say she was a villain, I never would have guessed. Maybe it is because white or light pink don’t personally register as "villainous " kinds of colors to me. Purple though could go in either direction. However, you did a nice job on the modeling and I really like the placement of the wrinkles on the dress and gloves.

You are right about the colors, maybe a redish look would make it look more like a villain. Thank you!

Great work, thanks for sharing.
Is she the pink panther?:eyebrowlift:

Awesome, thanks. Now that you mention it, she might be a distant relative of the Pink panther haha, cheers!