i was wondering if anyone knows of a site that you can enter the lyrics of a song and have it come up with the title.


Good luck :slight_smile:

here, i’ve gotten some help from this site on a few occassions. it’s not godly or anything, but it should do it for some of those more random songs.

I usually just put a unique part of the lyric into Google, plus the word “lyrics” and maybe the artist, if known.

Something like “dead skunk middle road lyrics” will usually turn up good results (yes, there is a song about a dead skunk in the middle of the road).

i didn’t find the song i was looking for, but thanks.:smiley:

I usually just put a unique part of the lyric into Google, plus the word “lyrics” and maybe the artist, if known.

This usualy works pretty well, I put in the word “lyrics” first though (and without the quotes of course) and then some text of the song. Sometimes a song has been recorded by many artists, so an artist’s name could limit the results you may get on a search.

   		 		 		i didn't find the song i was looking for, but thanks

Tell us what you do know. Maybe someone will know it.

I was once looking for “Zombie” by The Cranberries, but I only knew the lyrics “It’s all in my head etc.”
I knew the sound, but you can’t make google recognise sound :rolleyes:
It’s only after a while I accidently heard the song and someone told me which song it was and by whom.

maybe we need a thread where we can post song clips, and try and recognize them.

what would be interesting is a sort of synthesiser online, in which you could input a tune, etc, and it would match it with music and give results (I often have a tune, but no words or anything else stuck in my head)

yes, I know, that’ll never happen, but I can still wish, can’t I?

the thread idea is pretty good, too

Captain Ob, not so silly. There are ways you can match it, it’s just fairly computationally expensive and unlikely to make much revenue so it isn’t really out there.


musicbrainz. there are some apps that will generate a signature of the audio, then try and map it with a library of similar, named signatures on the musicbrainz website. you should check that out.

it was from a commercail, so i dont know much, but it sounds like "I see you on the scene and i know i’ve got to be me."Oh yeah,it is from the pedigree healthy vitality advert.

It looks like you are not the only person trying to find that song.
Apparently, someone stayed glued to the teevee 6 hours just to record it.