M-95 Degman


I decided to redo an old project I finished more than a year ago.
It’s a M-95 Degman, a Croatian main battle tank. Currently, it’s still in prototype phase and there’s only 4 of them made, of which, only 2 are functional. :stuck_out_tongue:

So right now I’ve finished modelling almost all major parts and been doing details.
Here’s how it is right now:

Here’s how it was (more than)year ago:

Personally I think the new model is more accurate to the real life tank, especially in the turret area and parts where there is reactive armor. I’m also paying more attention to details.
Still got a couple of stuff to do and the most important is the 12.7 browning machine gun on top of the turret.

Update, started the texturing. Textures are for 4096*4096 and the whole scene already takes up around 800mb. And since i only got 1gb graphics card Ill have to downscale them to 2048.