M.C.Escher Relativity


i tried to make The Relativity from M.C.Escher. I am happy from the resault but i would like to make somethings better. Like the lighitng. Please feel free to say what you like and most important what you don’t like.


Good work, from a difficult concept, I would think. I like the shaft of light through the centre, but I think it would benefit from some other lights added to the scene too. I think the thing to improve on most is the texturing - it’s a bit overdone at the moment, and the stone needs more variation. I would stick with the model, but work on those textures.

Yeah, @zzero101 is right, nice work but it would be much better with nice textures and a bit more lighting work.

Great job! I like it!
I agree with the previous comments, more light and re-work the texture.
If you want to stick to the painting, maybe use as texture a beige-brown color with noise.
Then add several lamps to have some part with more light some other in the shadow… as it is in the painting. (You already did it at 2 places)
But so far it’s already great :wink:

I’d say, have light coming from all major openings. Just don’t over do it :wink: