M&P 1940 Burst

So, this is a little project of mine for a game, based off of the M&P 40 (But it was made in 1940, hence the name, you see?) and has a semi, full, and burst fire mode selection (Which I have not made the beavertail for just yet) and possibly a folding stock (Like a Skorpion style folding stock) and two different types of magazine (45 round extended and 15 round standard). The main thing I’m having issues with is animation (I’m completely new to it, got a bit of a run-down from a friend so I can make something turn and make something move, but that’s pretty much the limit of what I can do) and would like some help. Here’s a couple of renders (I think I used something ridiculous like 800 samples for the FPS view, and only 200 for the front on.) so you can see what I’m working with. Any help is appreciated.

As you can see, I do need to add a few details (Irons, slide lock, beavertail, mag release, sear deactivation lever [M&P thing. it’s on the side of the gun right above the trigger. Allows it to be field-stripped without having to dry-fire it.] S&W logos and a little taper on the slide.) but it’s pretty close to finishing.

Updates! Yay!
Okay so I added iron sights, mag (One of two,) “Loose change” (S&W .40), and did some unwraps (Which really helped with textures.)
And here’s the insanely high quality render that took way too long… And it doesn’t work. Crap.
10 minutes later
The magic of 200 samples is all gone after seeing 1000 sample renders. Gosh. And such low quality too…

More updates! YAY!
So I added the beavertail, did some other stuff, and got this render Also better lighting and background. I am going to be working on textures soon.

Nice :smiley: I really like the 3rd render! But I think the model have way too sharp edges… :confused: For renders I would use the subdivision surface tool and if you need the gun to be low-poly for games etc. you should try the bevel tool. - Just in case you didn’t knew about these tools! :wink:

And… I actually think that the lighting setup is better in the 3rd render than in the 4th, because the 3rd have more shadows and highlights than the 4th. I also think the materials look too matte and need more glossiness. If you need help for something just send me a message. :smiley:

Anyway… Your renders are quite nice and after some work they could look really cool. :wink: :smiley:

Thanks man! And I tried glossy, but it screwed up the gun’s texturing, which kind of bothered me. I do need it to be low-ply, unless next gen stuff can handle the subdivision surfaces. I will bevel it, but it’s annoying with the more complicated edges. But, thanks for the offer of help, I’m always open to suggestions on improving renders! I do want to fix that lighting derpyness, but right now I’m working on some animations and I need to work on those. I might have to make a separate file with the renders and a subdivision and then use the original to make the animations and game stuff… XD