M1 Garand - The Sharpshooter's Best Friend!

Hey, this is an M1 Garand that I’ve been working on for about three days of spread- out work. I have changed it a lot from my original model, and I think its not bad. I was inspired to create it due to the new Call Of Duty: World at War beta game ( THAT GAME IS INCREDIBLE!!! :yes:). I added the bayonet as a last thought, so please dont say anything about how bad the handle looks; I know. Other than that, I am pretty proud of this model. I’m not done yet - its a work in prgress if you will, but as for now, i think its pretty sweet :eyebrowlift:. I’m realtively new to Blender (about 4-6 months) but DON’T HOLD BACK! I want to know what you think of it – every comment helps! I appreciate your input. Oh- and i know about the not smoth-ness of it. No need to let me know. i am aware :rolleyes:.

Muchas Gracias :smiley:


Blenderator 93,
You did a really nice job of accurately depicting an M1 Garand. I am also impressed with your use of light, shadow, and texture. You are da Blenderator Man! Rock on with your bad self! :RocknRoll:

i’d hate to shoot your gun, there is no hole in the barrel…can’t see what’s going with the loading mechanism from the screen shot.

looks good, slap a texture and scene of some sort on it

Yeah… hole in barrel. Good idea! lol yea i noticed that when i put it up… ill get right on it thx. and the action is semi-auto; theres a pic of a clip being loaded in there it shows how the slide pulls back to allow the clip. afterwards, you pull it back again and the clip shoot out of the gun. bingo. thx for the response!

construction great
technique great
model great
edges… not so great

one tip, try set smoot at least
add a subsurf modifier as well if possible


Okay ppl, please try reading the post that i put with the pictures… its there for a reason! I said that i already knew about the “set smooth” it bogged down my rendering window while i was editing so i had it off. please dont be another person who points out the things ive already said. thanks for the comments tho i appreciate the comment.

READ MY POSTS!:rolleyes: