-=- m16a4 -=-


I’m making an M16A4 for a shooter. As I have little knowledge of 2.53 I need some help.
I don’t know to much about blender in general and making this M16A4 is a bit tricky.
As this is pretty much my first real model I’ve been struggling quite a lot.
After this M16A4 done I might have more of a clue when I make other guns.

Basically here is what I need help with:

  1. I’m using the “Cube” and “Extrude” method. Is there a better way?
  2. I’m planning on using IPO for the characters arm to do the reload action.
    Do I IPO the clip in the hand as well?
    2a) Pretty much I just need help with the clip. Like is the clip a seperate build?

I realize I am a complete and total utter noob and this is way out of my league, but hey, it’s a project and I have lots of time on my hands.


EDIT: Wtf I joined this site in November? O_O
I must’ve been super noob.

EDIT: If anyone could post some links to a helpless newbie that’d be great to! :slight_smile:

As you say you have no idea how to do anything start by learning the basics.
All 3d application are very complex with lots to learn. There are no short cuts. If you think there are, you’re going to get stuck. Once you learn the basic modelling methods and how the tools work, you’ll then be able to apply this knowledge to make any model you want.

When I said I didn’t know anything I meant the interface of 2.53.
The linked help me back on track. Thanks man.

First post also updated. All I need to know about is using IPO and the clip for the reload action.

Dig around the on that blender cookie site.
Animation section,

The only effective way to model a gun is to model each part separately. It makes it easier to add materials and is in general way easier.