M1A1 Thompson

I started modelling a Thompson SMG a few hours back and i would like
to see your comments on it, if i should continue it, what i did wrong etc.
I only used one reference pic so it’s not accurate and probably wrong in
alot of places. Well, here are the renders ( crappy AO renders ) :eyebrowlift:


Bump, sorry. Not a single view? :frowning:
Come on, just one comment and i’ll be satisfied :smiley:

Nothing wrong with this model! Keep it up! Btw, if you want people to comment, don’t ask desperate! just keep posting and if you’re confident people will keep coming.

i’v see many thread on guns and may be some M1 or M16 also here in forum
so why don’t do a search to give you some ideas on how to do it