M249 Light Machine Gun

hi i know i got the city project on the go but this was a little minor thing on the side.

6550 faces 6402 verts with the bullets
4990faces 4822 verts without the bullets


oh heres a rather awsome looking wireframe!


Nice model, could be used in a game project without too much hassle, I’m guessing.

One question though, I’ve seen many people do it (creature factory has it too), but I can’t figure it out. How do you get those wire renders?

very nice render Dave (had to do it)
you going to bake the textures for a game and make I lower poly version for a game…?
you could probably get it down to 400 - 500 verts and have it looking the same…

the wire is done by clicking on the wire option in the materials tab under links and pipeline.
im not going to use it for a game but i will relese the model for anyone to use freely for there games.
i might make textures but it might take a while because i want to make them look awsome.