M4 handguard texture?

how would i go about texturing the handguard as seen here.

this is my model textured up to this point. yes i know it looks like it has been through hell, thats the style im going for. low poly as its for the game engine.


Here is typical UV map of a gun found on the web; defuse, AO, Specular, and normal.

And here is where the image came from.

uhm, too bad that has absolutely nothing to do with my topic. also, this forum couldnt be any more dead.

Seriously? Why is it that new members expect immediate results in a world where little is immediate. Anyway, that post had everything to do with your topic as it uses texture maps for the topology, which in most cases is what you would do for a low poly model in a game environment. Using the principals shown above, and applying the theory somewhere else is the key in this lesson. Other than that you’ll have to model the geometry and assign the textures to the parts you want.

Im all for patience and everything but i there is hardly any activity on these forums. maybe one or two sections are active but most hardly anyone is there. and i already know all of that. its like he didnt even look at my model and assumed i have never textured anything in my entire life. just this certain part i was wanting tips on.

Actually this form is not that bad. There is decent traffic. However here in US its 4th of July you know. People are doing other things. You will get a quick response when your question is clear and specific, most of the time. But too many times the question is not clear. Vague question is hard to respond to.

Here is what pop to my mind when I saw your post: The modeling look decent. So I am left with the question “He should know how to model Hand Guard” or does he? Does he know about Normal mapping? Physical geometry of Hand Guard is simple enough so it’s not that difficult to bake out the Normal map you know. In fact those feature can be just draw out in gray scale, and convert it in to Normal map easy. What’s the problem?

The question was “how would I go about texturing the hand guard as seen here”? Now since you posted this question in Material and Texture, I answered with more generic information about maps so you can clarify what you want.

We do get all range of users here.

yeah, i could easily model the details on the handguard. but my model is already around 1,500 faces. i dont want anymore. so how would i go about baking a normal map for it? sorry if my question seemed a bit vague.

The only way I can think of is to make a high poly model and bake the normal from that one onto the lower poly one.