Hello everyone :slight_smile: its been a while since ive posted anything serious in the wip section of this site… so i thought i would get you guys to have a look at what im working on at the moment… its an m416 or an HK16 which is the same gun? im not 100% sure but im using reference images from both guns and they both seem pretty much exactly the same…
so here is what i have so far
(click image for full HD render)

I am planning on finishing the areas that are still unfinished including the bits that are different on the other side of the gun (when i apply the mirror) and then moving on to fine details… before I do that though (and after) i would appreciate any comments you guys have :slight_smile:

Same gun, different name. Very well made so far. It still seems a little low poly in areas.

Looking great so far!

The only nitpick I can find is that the grip really needs some more geometry. So, that it’s not so blocky.

But, loving how it’s looking!

Thank you for reiterating what I had already said.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: im challenging myself to model this without any subsurf so that i can get mac amount of detail without allot of verts… i only just blocked out the grip when I uploaded this image so yes i will be smoothening that out a fair bit. i will post an update some time today when theres some noticable change to show… and i actually have to get some work done :stuck_out_tongue:

A little Update

All crits very welcome

(as seen above model is around 40k verts with only an edge split modifier)

hmmm… it looks like a cross between an m16 and a scar… the barrel looks scar and the stock and most of the handle area look more m16…

thanks for the reply highlander_93 yes the front does look a bit like the scar… i really like that kind of look… almost teeth like lol

Ive been thinking about a scene for this model… and also im thinking of making either a reflex sight or a 4x scope to go with it :slight_smile: with maybe a grenade launcher or a grip or something… let me know what you guys think would look cool

yeah, i think a flash light or laser pointer on one side with a grip underneath… i’m not a big fan of grenade launchers myself lol, more one for urban ops. so ja, a reflex or red dot would be cool. did your know they make the red dots out of depleted uranium… one hour of light and it’ll glow for up to 45 hours…

The below the ejection port, the sideways h looking thing, that should be more tube like and not flat. Looking good though.

thanks highlander :slight_smile: i have modelled a reflex sight and a grip…
@jedimaster thanks :slight_smile: i will fix that

Here is another update… im getting pretty close to finishing now… i still need to fix what jedimaster said…