Mac/Linux users

Can mac users create run times from the newest blender test build? If some can I bug one of you guys later for a runtime build when I finishing somethng>

Uh I just need a name so when I finish i could bug you to make a runtime for me ^_-

I’ve tried the Runtime B-con 3 test build and it was kind of buggy,
like some files would work and some would’nt.I haven’t downloaded the B-con 4 build yet.(for Mac)

just tried the B-con 4 build for Mac and it’s just as buggy as B-con 3
(some meshes don’t show up in the game engine.nor in the Runtime)

=_= thanks um… you dont mind If I bug you whne needed to try to make a runtime for a game?

Nope,don’t mind at all :smiley: hopefully all the bugs will be fixed by then.

Errr… Why don’t you just get the runtimes from the other OSs and use the crossplatform export script? Just an idea! There shouldn’t be any reason why it should not work…

um… i Never heard of the cossplate forum script… I give a search and see fi I find it thanks!

Here it is - you’ll need the game players from the other OSs.

I don’t know if that sites still up - anyway, a handy trick:

The blender runtime (blenderplayer/blenderplayer.exe/ can open and run exported games from other platforms. Windows users can use Open With…, Linux users ./blenderplayer …/path/to/windows-game.exe, and OSX… whatever you do with OSX.

Note the OSX runtime stores the game.blend in the resource fork, so you can run it from there.