Mac Lipstick AD (Non-Commercial Use)

Hey all, need some desperate feedback/suggestions. I’m still a beginner at Blender so go easy on my work. This is the piece I’m working on. Im happy with everything but the lipstick itself. There is zero focus texture due to my material settings and lighting (and possibly the chosen colors). I plan on taking this into Photoshop to create an Ad Mockup for use in my portfolio.

Any suggestions on what I could possibly to do get that focused texture I am looking for?
Currently on all five of the lipstick tops:


Mix Shader
Glossy BSDF and Velvet
Image texture (each lipstick has its own texture I created in PS. Simply colored images with minimal noise for texture).


Emission planes to the left, right and above with 4 point lights directly in front of the cases to accent the logo.

Apologies if this info isn’t enough. I’m new to this and this is my first post.
Would love to hear suggestions and thoughts. I’m working off of a reference image of the lipstick itself, if it is necessary to see it.

Thanks much!