Mac OS X and yafray

I’ve been having a hard time getting yafray to work under os x. It never seems to render anything. Anyone have any good links or some advice?


i’m on OS X too.

make sure:

  1. you have a camera
  2. you have lights
  3. you deselect the ‘XML’ button in the Yafray tab. i believe it is selected by default, which really threw me for a loop when i first started with Yafray. if you don’t deselect it then Blender will just create an XML scene description file somewhere on your hard drive instead of rendering.
  4. you choose a GI method in the Yafray GI tab. if you leave it set to the default ‘none’ you won’t get an image

hope this helps. i know how frustrating it can be with the state of the Yafray documentation being what it is.

if you are getting an all black render, check your light intensity. the ratios in yafray are very different than the internal renderer. also check the distance of the lights, as this affects falloff in yafray.

jim ww

I’ll be darned. It was as simple as unchecking the xml button. Thanks for the help all!

If that was the problem then your render hadn’t finished unchecking the xml button just displayes a progres of your render.

i’m sorry but that is not correct.

when the XML button is checked, blender will write an XML file which one would then run manually through Yafray. ie., launch Yafray, open file, hit render.

when the XML button is NOT checked, blender will render the scene through the plugin.

it doesn’t have anything to do with previewing the render on screen.

Blender automaticaly calls yafray you don’t have to do it manualy. And when it is finished it displayes the picture in the render window.