Mac Video

I have nothing against mac’s, but this is a funny vid.

Hehehe, it’s soo true, that part about crashing, finding the key-combo to shut it down or reset and try pushing the powerbutton thingy, that is soooo true. In most cases I did the same as what that guy said, pull out the electricity.

Anyways with the nex MacOsx and G5 I got it only 2 times in 1 year :slight_smile: When we had the G4 I had it at least once a week.

I’m not a Mac hater, I work on it for like 8 hours a week and I have worked on it for like 40 hours a week for 1 year long, and that’s bad because then you are actually gonne see the bugs and get frustrated some times. :x

hehe i now this one i have two more on my computer but i can’t find the link.

If i find iti’ll put it here.

I maintain an office full of Macs for professional 3D and video production work. In fact we are about 50% finished with our year end inventory. If I hang around until 9PM tonight, that is when my Christmas Vacation starts!

Anyway we have over 130 Macs including all the Xserves and Cluster Nodes.

During the transition, we used to have fits with Classic locking up the machines to the point we ordered some of the last 1Ghz G4 Powermacs preloaded with OS 9.2 just for QuarkXpess.

Overall, we have good luck since the Machines run almost 24x7x365.25. But when they do lock up we follow our Mac Lock Up Standard Operating Proceedure:


  1. Unplug unit from all cables including the wall socket.
  2. Grab easy hold handles
  3. Proceed to roof access (building has no opening windows)
  4. Through unit off roof
  5. Walk back down to the office.
  6. Inform Bill or Kirk
  7. Find Car, Truck, Van, or SUV keys
  8. Go to Car, Truck, Van, or SUV
  9. Start Car, Truck, Van, or SUV
  10. Drive to Apple store, purchase new PowerMac, return to office.

PowerBook or iBook:

  1. Unplug all cables.
  2. Close lid
  3. Proceed to roof access
  4. fling unit off roof like frisbee
    6 - 10) Same as above

iMac or eMac:

  1. Unplug cables
  2. Grab handles (old fuity macs) or lamp post (newer) or both sides of the screen (latest version)
  3. Proceed to Room 102 (LSL Police Department) and ask for Doug.
  4. Have Doug escort you to the Police firing range
  5. Request one standard issue police 12-guage Shotgun and #4 Buckshot
  6. Take aim at unit
  7. Fire!
  8. Pump
  9. repeat 7 - 8 until out of shotgun shells
  10. Thank Doug!
  11. See PowerMac 6 - 10


  1. Call Apple, they are all under warrenty!

Wow, you should start an In-home PC repair buisness

theres also this one:

Thats a good one.

The second video was funnier because it is partly true but both are boring because they’ve been posted before. The first video is just an annoying American saying silly things to get a laugh by overacting. A typical American in other words.

OK I would accept it as a bit of fun but I feel it’s my duty to point out that none of what he is saying is true and therefore it is just lame, not funny.

fanboy mode enabled:

Using a Mac is like tricking it into what you want it to do

AFAIK, Windows is the only OS that does stuff without you asking it.

All you have to be doing is using a piece of software and then poof, it goes away

Well, I know a poof I wish would go away. Again, this is rubbish because Macs don’t shut down by themselves.

program locks up and then you do that funny clover leaf period… useless interrupt key

Well, it’s not useless and I don’t think Windows has an equivalent so you have to use that oh-so-intuitive ctrl-alt-delete anyway, which has a Mac equivalent of command-alt-escape. All interrupt keys are probably weird until you learn them.

then you push the power button and it won’t turn off

You have to hold the power key in. Just like a PC last time I checked. Except of course, you don’t have to press it 5 times in one day on a Mac.

you better hope you’re not on a laptop because then you have to pull out the battery

Yawn, PC laptops have batteries too.

you’re just making shortcuts on the desktop

If you need to copy a cd to your desktop, hold the alt key. It prevents you copying a drive when all you want to do is move the cd icon, which some people display on the desktop. Can you even do that on a PC - I thought it was all hidden in the My Computer icon?

put cd in it plays all by itself

OMFG, if only Macs had an autorun facility like Windows, which AFAIK auto plays every single commercial CD and you can’t turn it off without a 3rd party utility:

Macs have an easy to access preference.

I do a clover-leaf period spacebar thing when the system locks up after trying to eject a cd

%| if the cd won’t eject, then use a pin in cd tray to force eject it.

the update manager is bouncing in the screen

Therefore PANIC like a moron? No, just turn it off. But it does tell you about security updates so it can be useful.

I click on a file and oh no I rename it and it was an important system file and the system crashes

Considering the critical system files are read only (sometimes not even that) to even an admin user and you can’t rename them, I think this is BS too. On Windows XP however, you can overwrite any files you want in the system with the default level of access. I replaced 3 critical system files without so much as a mild objection and don’t forget if a virus is named the same as a system file and you delete it because then you are pretty easily screwed.

Oh yeah and you can start up from the system disc that gets bundled with your machine and fix it. Any Windows users nodding? You mean, you didn’t get a system disc :shock:

recovering files

OK, finally we get to a valid point. But if you have sensitive data, nobody will get it back. That’s a plus. Also, if you lose data then you should’ve backed it up or not done something stupid. Still, there is software that does it adequately for most people.

angle, slide, dodge the dock menu

If you hide the dock, you shouldn’t need to put the mouse that far down so that it enables the dock. If it bugs you put it on the side.

can’t put the dock on the top

Why would you? That’s where the menu goes. Unlike other OS makers, Apple have a strict interface standard and the menu bar being at the top comes into that. The interface standard is what generally ensures Mac software works as you expect.

mac killed my inner child

Not the outer one unfortunately.

Sorry to be the annoying fanboy in this one but I’ve let this movie slide before and I would have no objection if it was funny or true but it was neither. I’m also seeing a lot of annoying American ‘comedies’ on my TV. I had to vent.

I had a feeling osxrules would post defending the MAC.
And rightly so,

If OSX and Windows was the last to O/S/s in the world I would go for Mac.

Heck if the most srainoues pain stacking problem with a Mac is having to hold the off button down for 5 seconds is something to complain about.

Then gease how can he live with Windows! On average a Winodws pc can get infected within 20 minutes of being connected to the net.
He must not use windows often cause he is constantly having to reinstall.

I dont think you can really slag a Mac off. If you compare it to Windows.

The second video was funnier because it is partly true but both are boring because they’ve been posted before. The first video is just an annoying American saying silly things to get a laugh by overacting. A typical American in other words.

And that’s what people like. I don’t know why, because it’s so stupid. It’s all over these things we used to call networks, now it’s just called crap on T.V. And, yeah, Windows stinks. I think the windows I’m using right now is ruining my hard drive.

It looks like the guy in the “Mac killed my inner child” video is combining some of the pretty serious problems of the old Mac OS with his personal annoyances using OS X.

I have been using OS X for several years now, and I believe it has crashed a grand total of ONE TIME, and that was right after some hardware and software upgrades and some very frequent rebooting between OS 9 and OS X, moreso on a fairly old Power Mac G3.

I have experienced problems with renaming important files, and the computer not responding on an iMac running OS 8.6. In those cases you had to do some creative troubleshooting. But in OS X, you can’t “accidentally” rename a system file as osxrules said. You have to go through a very specific process to do that involving passwords and command-line UNIX stuff (that’s assuming you have root access privileges if it’s a company or school computer).

I have always found this video funny, except that it’s really not entirely true. It’s almost like he’s jealous that PC users get to bitch about their systems, but he can’t find many legitimately major problems with the new Macs, so he has to dig up old problems that have been solved and mix them with some of the new features of OS X that might just take some getting used to. You can please all of the people some of the time, and…well you know how that one goes.

Edit: Just to clarify, when I used the terms “PC users” and “new Macs” in that last paragraph, I was referring to Windows users and Mac OS X respectively. I don’t want to suggest that Linux users on Intel machines are having the same problems that Windows users complain about, or that older Mac G3’s and G4’s have the same old problems when running OS X, which they don’t in my experience.

Well it’s not what I like. TV completely and utterly sucks nowadays. All you can watch now are overdone “reality” shows and incredibly lame sitcoms. It’s even worse when they try to come out with something “different.” They even screwed up cartoons. Whatever happened to shows like Animaniacs? Now all you can do is watch cartoons where dorks fight each other with magic powers. Whee…

I miss the good old days of television.

Anyway, back on topic, that video didn’t make me laugh all that much. I guess that might be because I don’t have a lot of Mac experience. Either that or it’s because he reminded me of how much I hate TV now.

Of course, someone had to come and shit all over the thread. Typical non-American behavior I must say. Foriners…

Of course, someone had to come and shit all over the thread. Typical non-American behavior I must say. Foriners…[/quote]

I know, nobody can take a joke…

Of course, someone had to come and shit all over the thread. Typical non-American behavior I must say. Foriners…[/quote]

I know, nobody can take a joke…[/quote]

Hey, shitting over threads is the most American thing I can do. It’s in the constitution. Of course, it’s called freedom of speech there.

I can also take a joke so long as it’s funny :P.

That was my point. The one about the gaming was funny because it’s still kind of true. The American is just making stuff up and then overacting it.

But yeah, I probably should have just let it go again. It’s just that it’s the second time it was posted, it’s an old video and I was a bit pissed at seeing the American version of The Office. I mean, really, you guys just can’t watch a British comedy without saying y’know what, we’re going to take that idea and then redo it with Americans in the roles and it’ll be better. Then you just make the most awful load of shit. The same thing happened with the American remake of Fawlty Towers. Do you see British people going, hey there’s Friends, Frasier, Will & Grace… let’s do the same thing but with British people? NO, because we don’t think that just because we associate something heavily with our own culture that automatically makes it better than anyone else’s.

^ more constitutionally-supported shit.

You know, somehow I find only the most idiotic minority of Europeans coming over and flaming Americans just because they are Americans with no real reason.

America is made up of many people of many religions and of many countries. I am sure the reason all of these people moved over here is because they were tired of your ignorant bullshit.

“Friends, Frasier, Will & Grace” That is public T.V. and it just shows how you, not your fellow countrymen, are at carrying an argument. Those shows are public T.V., would you like me to compare those latenight sunday show that come on KERA Channel 13 as the best you have?

FYI I am Swiss and do not let people like this represent their country. Cause frankly, they are just hiding behind a computer, not to mention how lame and pathetic it is.

Osxrules has a point why do American producers have to copy other countries ideas. Like The Office and Faulty Towers.

They usually turn out lame.

It reminds me of The Simpsons were the producers are flicking through the channels to copy another programs ideas.

So it has to be true :wink:

Well here’s the thing, not ALL of American producers copy other countries ideas, in fact this is not a country deal. The minority of producers that happen to live in America copy an idea of SOMEONE elses that happens to live in another country.

Don’t tell me that European countries are filled with flawless people and do not spark off ideas from someone else’s idea.

Now Osxrules is turning it into somthing totally different. He is singling out ALL Americans as if they are one of the same. Not to mention picking up random issues and manipulating and twisting them into somthing anti-american, as if it is an issue or even has to do with America or any other country.


Weather it is lame is a matter of opinion.

The Simpsons’s is making fun of other shows, what point are you trying to prove?

I really wonder if you have even seen any of our shows, I know I watch plenty of shows and movies from other countries, and I don’t have any complaints. Every country, or NETWORK I should say has there share of crappy shows, it is really a pathetic argument to just pin it all on Americans.

Now give it a rest, keep your anti-american thoughts to yourself.

I have plenty of reasons and I gave you two of them. No wait, I’m not an idiotic minority. I think you’ll find that I’m probably in an idiotic majority.

I doubt it. America is the land of ignorant bullshit and is run by ignorant bullshitters. My guess is they just wanted to stop getting very little money for doing lots of work and to get freedom of speech if they didn’t have it where they came from.

I have no idea what you are talking about here. I wasn’t comparing the quality of the shows, I was making the point about Americans thinking they can do the same things better.

I’m not judging the country based on this guy or any TV show. I am merely using them to validate the stereotype I already have, which I have formed over many years.

It’s not about being flawless, it’s about being arrogant.

I don’t have to twist things to make them anti-American. Those sentiments are usually justified in anything America gets involved in. But for the record, when I use generalisms, I’m of course using stereotypes that apply to the people that fit them. Just because I can’t be assed constantly saying some Americans blah and other Americans blah doesn’t mean I consider all Americans to be exactly the same. I know that there are a whole lot of Americans who aren’t like that. Some people on this forum for example.

But the Swiss, man are they a bunch of bastards. Just kidding :D. See, now that was a joke, unlike the movie clip.

Yeah ok, it is Christmas after all. Let’s get back to the fanboying.

No? OK, I’ll leave that too.

Hey, let off of the American version of the Office. Yes, at first it is nearly identical to the British one, but if you spend more than 10 minutes watching it, you’ll discover that they are very different. I like both of them. I watched the British one and I’ve watched all of the American ones and I actually think I prefer the American ones now. It’s ironic, but the British ones get stale after a while, while the American ones stay fresh.

I met this asshole Swedish guy once, so, I’m sorry, but all of Europe is a bunch of assholes now.

In conclusion, America rules and all you weird foreigners can kiss my ass.