I’m certainly not new to Blender, but not very good with it. I was in a hurry to make this for an English project - we could do basically whatever we wanted. I was disappointed by responses to my work, consisting almost entirely of “His face looks funny.” I did enjoy messing with Blender on the smart board and looking at everybody’s WTF face, though.
Like my last project, I really wanted to switch to BI half way through for it’s hair and SSS. But at some point, you just have to say “fuck it.” As such, his skin looks really weird, and is the result of me giving up halfway through experimenting with the nodes.
I didn’t UV map his shirt, or whatever it is, at all, so the texture stays put as his body moves… It’s not the result of a low resolution render.
I’ve never modeled a face, animated anything past 60 frames, or done “voice acting” if that’s what you want to call it. I’m also awful at animation, so lip syncing is awful. I hate animation. IK rigs, shape keys, constraints… bleh. Automatic weight paint to the rescue! (not in this case, don’t worry.)
7 hour render on an i7 870 @ 3.5 GHz in Ubuntu 12.10 with Cycles
Approximately 20 hours of work, probably a bit more.
I had to use Winblows to animate the lips because I couldn’t get sound to work.

it’s not bad, but i would recommend clipping his bangs a bit, then you can use his eyebrows to give added expression.