This is the MACHIN3tools thread. What I post here goes into MACHIN3tools. PunchIt will be it’s own single purpose addon, but will also be in DeusEx.


Hi Machin3, as an owner of DeusEx can I have access to the ‘beta’ of the new tools (to test them) or they are strictly for Patreons and I’ll get the new features with the official 1.0 release? In any case, fantastic work, always very innovative!

You’ll get in with the public release. Patreon is for pre-releases, undocumented except for a few notes, no hand holding.

Thank you!

Btw because punch it doesn’t have it’s own page I will give examples for additive type here:
PunchitAdditivExamples.blend (911.9 KB)


I feel like this may suit your Align pie well; select three points on two objects and align them:


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In a redo last panel, there could be an optional toggle for scaling (match the 3 target points or keep original scale). That would solve the current two-step procedure for single edge alignment. This method requires 3 vertices or two edges for selection, in which the connecting point acts as the origin/ destination to match.

The original 1D_Inc script is from Blender 2.79b and probably won’t be ported over any time soon.

I’m happy with the object-by-edge alignment already.

Hi, just noticed this issue with the UNFUCK tool with blender 3.1 and 3.2 on 5K iMAC (high DPI), macOS 12.1/ Intel

blender 3.0.1 is fine.

Thanks in advance

  1. Offtopic, wrong addon
  2. Not the way to report issues, see
  3. Requirements:


Why offtopic ?
And why so rude.
I reported a similar one with Meshmachine for blender 3.1 & 3.2.

And I didn’t get an answer like this.
This is more or less just an info on an issue from an upcoming blender version.

Just to let you know. But hey, if I’m Ridiculous, then best thanks.
You can talk to you mom like this.

dude there isnt any 3.2 version LOL…

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When something is ‘Ridiculous’ then maybe this. But I didn’t call any post with this: ‘Ridiculous’ !
This was missleading me, to post it here.

And if you want, I post it in the right spot, for you again!

shit you are right about that there is a 3.2 build already LOL, then is not ridiculous…

please machine apologize with this guy for the misunderstanding…

I think the ridiculous part is expecting support for 3.2 when 3.1 just hit beta.

on that note some devs will not update addons until full release.


Did I ask to fix it? Ha?

‘This is more or less just an info on an issue from an upcoming blender version.’ as I stated above!

Thanks for your comment. (Don’t read just the things you wanna hear)

nuff said

my wording was very specific for a reason i said “support”.

Nothing but the issue and a “Thanks in advance” implies you are expecting something favorable for you to be thanking him.

so if i did assume incorrectly about your intentions that is not my issue.

I’m not attacking you here was just telling you how most devs work in terms of addon timelines,
as for machin3 products he typically likes it when you go through the correct channels because it goes to some internal issue tracker and he can also make sure he is giving support to his customers not pirates.

What it ‘implies’ to you doesn’t matter here. What’s written is important.
If I want it to be fixed I’ll write it down, clear. Not what you ‘imply’.

He knows me as a customer. And I know the channels. So who are you - the forum police!?

I was mislead by another issue, to post it here in the wrong spot , but to the same people behind it.

I gave this info to let him know and looking forward to this issue when he is on blender 3.1 -3.2 versions.
As usual.(Hard Ops Thread - #3738 by masterxeon1001) + read his answer to it please !

So what’s your intend here !

It’s off topic because this is the MACHIN3tools thread.
It’s ridiculous because 3.1 is still in beta and not supported either, as per the requirements section.