Use a better text editor. Your current one is mixing up tabs and spaces. That’s also what blender tells you btw.

heh. I use Blender text editor and now is ok. Thank You for the fixes!

Great work!
Alt + A used in Tools/Align is in conflict with “deselect all” (now)

I make no claims that keymaps don’t overlap, unless you run the customize tool with keymaps and input prefs checked.
If you don’t do this, you need to solve any conflicts yourself, by remapping the tool or pie default keys.

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Thanks for reporting those issues!

Hi demetrioviviani,

in newer Builds you don’t need Alt+A anymore.

Click in Freespace for Deselect all or with (only) A.
For the (only) A deselect you must activate “Select all Toggles”

Greeeat stuff! It´ll take some learning, but I can really see the benefits with your keymap, pies, and of course the awesome tools.

Yes! I saw yesterday the new changes in beta versione and they’re great.
thanks for your answer. :grinning:

Ooh, think I found a bug on OSX, do you want the issue reported here or on github?
The path to (keymap) is calculated incorrectly.
It should be but is calculated as . The difference is Contents/Resources (correct) compared to Contents/MacOS (wrong)

Thanks, can you please run the following in your python console and tell me the output:


I’ll check tomorrow, I left my Mac at the office, only got windows at home :frowning:

Hi. wire toggle dont reset if u go in object mode from x-ray. here gif

I do not know if it is the fault of Blender or addon. But every time when I turn on the Cavity in MatCap viewport mode. Blender crash. Latest 2.80.34

back at work!
That api-call seems to be returning the correct path:


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  • Shading Pie:
    • add Curvature toggle
    • allow eevee gtao factor dragging beyond 1
  • tweak theme
  • fix 2.7x keymap preset loading on MacOS, thanks @bedlam
  • fix edit mesh wire toggle and occlude/pass through toggle not updating when leaving edit mode with x ray enabled, thanks @Drakosha
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2.80.34 is not a precise version. All recent builds have had that version.
Since we are dealing with new builds on a daily basis here, the proper way to refer to Blender versions is using the commit hash. The latest is 1b870bce85d (for linux 64 bit).
I have never experienced crashes when toggling cavity in matcap shading, so make sure you are in fact running the latest build.

This addons make my life so much easier, thx for that, but:

I’m suffering a bug with Smart Faces, with Blender 2.80 Beta ed5202ac6ad on Linux
When i select one vertice and hit 4, like you do on your video demo, this happens.

If i hit 4 again, it makes the face, but doesn’t select the next vertice.

Only happens on (equally subdivided) cubes. I’ll investigate.

edit: do this in

I’ll get an update out over the weekend.

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Now it works fine, thx a lot, and keep up the good work.

Machin3 thank you for this great add-on, I will try it out immediately.
As a user of your other plugins I already know that this is a great addition and a must have. Thx alot.

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