Machine generated art directly from words

Pretty cool how the technology is progressing. Won’t be soon as we will have much more powerful tools to create pretty much anything from imagination.

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Warning, I’m gonna be negative, like so often:

While I consider this modestly intersting so see, I have this feeling tech such as this (should it mature and see more or less widespread adoption), is going to make the digital art world’s tendency towards self-referential boringness worse.
I mean, let’s be honest, the digital art world has this tendency to be narrowly revolving around a bunch of silly, often kitsch-loaden clichées (e.g. warhammer-type stuff, slutty elves, steampunk, cyberpunk, space opera stuff, fantasy stuff, manga stuff and that is actually about 90% of all there is).

No ‘Assassination of Julius Cesar’, no ‘Execution of Robbespierre’, no ‘Storming of the Bastille’, no ‘Battle of Waterloo’, no ‘Defeat of the Spanish Armada’.*
If you type ‘Stalingrad’ into the search at Artstation, you get a bunch of results at least, but that’s as close as it gets (and even those are probably mostly the merit of the Battlefield-series of
videogames’ popularity).

greetings, Kologe

. * (correction: Actually one relevant result for that one on Artstation).

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Well, to me, “the ‘artist’ is simply the ‘software designer.’” There has to be some algorithm, somewhere, which will translate the words (input) into graphics (output).

Now – I am absolutely in favor of developing “AI tools,” and “algorithmic modeling and animating tools,” and anything else(!) that will reduce human drudgery … of which there is right now “an awful lot.” :slight_smile:

To me, “that’s why digital computers were invented in the first place.” If a computerized power-tool will get me even 50% of the way to my goal, that’s 50% less that’s left for me, “and I can pick-and-choose the interesting parts while my digital slave does the boring stuff.”

Sure, that’d be the ideal scenario (and basically what this promises, on paper at least).
The question is, will the way in which your digital slave does the boring stuff be biased towards making it look like everyone else’s works?

greetings, Kologe