Machine Gun

hope you enjoy


I love the detail, but its too stubby and there doesn’t seem to be a way to hold it. If you plan on going further with this id suggest making it longer by using the size tool and completely reworking the handle.

why did you repost a topic with exactly the same pic as the one that was moved to work in progress…? (or at least no noticeable differences)

the thing that happened was i thought my post were being retarded so i posted again, and then saw my original post which i didnt see before and my new post, im kind of new to this haha

I can see the stock of an AKM, the reciever of an M4, facing backwards, i think an SVD Scope and some hangguard. Interesting definently, but like it was said, I don’t know where you would hold that.

lol i just got it from a reference image XD i think it looks pretty…different aha

I’m not sure if you’re aiming for realism, but right now you’ve got something that looks sort of like a magazine (the bit that holds the bullets) serving as a grip. If your idea is that the magazine should be integrated into the grip (like a pistol), note that the curve at the back of the magazine would prevent cartridges from moving from the magazine into the chamber (because it’s narrower at the top than the bottom). Otherwise, neat modeling!

guys i appreciate all you are saying about fixing it and how great it is but your right, im not aiming for realism, im aiming for originality and the impossible, isnt the point of video games is that we can do things we wouldnt really do in real life, besides the whole fact of reality, wouldnt that gun be badass to own lmao

games still try to make sense though, and pretend that the stuff in them can actually work. if you make something that is unrealistic, at least make it have something that makes it special, now it’s just a gun that has some elements of other real life gun, but it just doesn’t work, nothing that makes it cooler than those others guns

the modelling itself is great, bet if you set yourself to realistically model some gun you would do great, but this gun just isn’t beautiful, special or extreme enough to be cool unrealistically

still, good job on the modelling itself

alright i see what your saying and thanks i ll work on that

…and it looks like sniper rifle than machine gun

isnt that badass???!!! lmao XD