Machinegunkelly ( Character Developement)

If anyone knows a good tutorial for modeling a toon style head thats not too rough , please drop the link .
I dont think I’ll be able to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah – course you will :smiley:

Fantastic modeling so far, only slight crit is the unatural crease in his trousers.

Thanks man .
This was a milestone for me lol
I used all the following for the first time .

Vertice groups for materials
Mirror and join ,
adding faces and deleting them etc … so far all my models had been pretty much out of the space bar menu .
Played with OA etc alot more .

So far so good .

maybe this can help u even if it’s not 3d ===>

good work on ur character !!!

more to come .

Great work on the head :slight_smile:

nice! I like this character. Based on the historic MGK? or the movie with Charles Bronson?

nah , its made after my screenname on most other boards ( Machinegunkelly) I didnt register that name here for somereason thought .

The head is a fraud … it looks good but its vertice HELL .
Ill be cleaning it up today .

actually. believe it or not, I have one of your original “machinegunkelly” pics.
looks much different than the one you have now ( the cartoon reference).
the new one seems too cut to me .but. to each his own. as far as toon style head tutorials, I have been reading tutorials for years and have not seen many at all aimed towards anime or toon figures. you may want to check the LightWave forums or even over at CGTalk. anyway. you still friggin rock !!!

Bigger muscles! Hehe, really nice! I like the crazy look.

Ahh … yes .
Machinegunkelly has been a work in progress for a few years now , and I am sure he will evolve further over the years , this is my attempt at modeling and then we’ll be looking at animating .

I dig this 3d stuff , and Im fortunate to be able to work in into my work now too , so I learn on the dollar :wink:

can only get better now with blender for toon designs etc .
Heres a pic of MGK over the years …

BTW , I thought I knew who you were MrNightmare … but I am unsure now …
PM me .

Very cool character model. Well executed too.

Keep up the good work.


How many vertices should this guy be ?

and if anyone has any tips on increasing render time , that would be great .
especially related to ray tracing … when I pop this guy in with my MGK Chopper it takes for ever to render …

Heres a walkcycle attempt .
Had to pull my hair out to do this , I happened across the NLA window a few hours into my venture and it all came together .

Ignore the crappy city , I just popped it into another scene rather than have him walk on air …

How can I make him walk on one curve … then get off ?

Very nice so far. However, there are somethings still missing from you’re animation.

For example, when the left leg recoils the hip should drop and shoulders should mirror the hips. And other things like rotation of the spine and center of gravity.

There are some good really good George Maestri tips at

Apart from that MGK, its coming along beautifully. :smiley:

On his first and third strides, he seems to slide a little.

Thanks guys .
Yeah the walk is a little off , Im working on that and the lighting now .

I really didnt expect to actually get him to walk properly .So I only did a side view , and tried to get it to loop
Now that I somewhat , Im tweaking , but finding it very frustrating cause I have only a few clues to what I am doing

I have parented the Armature and the mesh to the curve … and now If I make any adustments , He stretches out in these weird positions fingers all over etc and I cant seem to get him off this curve at all …
even if I delete it , my mesh gets distored more than I can deal with :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill post more in a bit , seeing what I can do here ::

I’ve only done straight keyframe animation with armatures so I can’t help you with the NLA or curve problems. I suppose though if the problems are just adding up you could clear the parent and start again (sometimes that helps). CTRL-A will prevent headaches later too.

A quick suggestion on the walk though. There’s no real impression of weight. If his torso bobs up and down just a little bit, it will add so much to the motion. The small, trivial motions are key to good looking animation (also a real pain to animate :< ).

I really love the character style and modelling though. great concept and execution there :slight_smile:

hmm not sure what is going on there.
you should only need to parent the armature to the curve (not the mesh)
use normal parent
add the follow path constraint to the entire armature manually.
then you can use the nla to make a strip for the walk action that uses the path and stride length.
the mesh shouldn’t distort abonrmally like that unless you:
a- have a rigging problem
b- attempt to move the mesh on its own relative to the armature. Remember, once you’ve parented it, you should only need to move /pose the armature to affect the mesh.

Other than that, really nice character. I look forward to more :smiley: