MacOS 2.8 Cycles OpenCL last version?

What is the last macOS Blender 2.8 version supporting OpenCL in Cycles?
Anyone can provide a link?

Probably you could easily re-enable with the latest changes, just by doing the opposite of this commit:

I think it was a little bit harsh that it was removed completely, even if some drivers didn’t work well. We will have no way of knowing if never GPU’s or drivers work better as long as it’s disabled.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at this.

To do this, you’ll have to download the source code and compile yourself.

It’s not too hard, there’s a guide here:


Is it possible to eneble OpenCL with Terminal boot argument? I found CYCLES_OPENCL_TEST=true blender but I’m not sure how to use it…

No, that is a build parameter.

Ok. I modified opencl_util.cpp file and compiled my Blender. Piece of cake. There is OpenCL device available now but unfortunately it does not work - everything’s greyed out in Cycles view (Macbook & RX570 eGPU):

Thanks anyway.
I’m still looking for last working 2.8 version.

This is the last revison that it’s work fine on my iMac with macOS 10.13.6


OpenCL Cycles rendering?

Excuse me, it’s an error, I have revised and Open CL doesn’t work.