macromedia software

I just found a whole bunch of macromedia software in my archive, so i installed it ( it is fairly huge ) but I have no idea where to start,…I just want to create a simple flash anim for the web,…


where to start?
<edit> ok never mind,…it would appear ‘flash’ is what i need to start with. I tried to make a sprite move across the screen, but no luck so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited/ Check out and all the new animated series done with flash.

cool! :o thanks once again, cree!
I tried the link, but I think you got something wrong on the URL because it took me to ‘Arab World Ministries’. :smiley: [!]

Sorry about that, it’s animation world network and not magazine. I’ll use the disclaimer that world vision uses to differentiate themselves from the other world vision.

Here’s the direct link