Mad Bullets - new game

Our new game relatively a big project with Blender. Not released yet, but I can show you some videos and shots.
(Release date of the game: somewhere at next months.)

Of course, all 3d graphics and animations are done in Blender, and the level editor (including the animated enemy setup) was Blender too. There are 50 levels and 3 environments (western village, mexico, forest with indians).
A cute animgif:

Teaser and trailer:


Looks really nice!

Great Work!

Very… very nice. Thank you.
What is the Game Engine ?

Really nice! What is the engine?

thank you folks
this is our inhouse engine, with automated export pipeline with blender

I like the art, I hope it does well for you guys when you release it.

Did you do the programming in Blender or did you use another game engine?

Read two posts above.

This actually looks like a lot of fun.

Not bad, Its also nice to see a game made entirely in blender.

Blender Game Engine is so bad :frowning:


BGE doesnt run on iOS, so we must make our engine.

ok, not an E3, but on the hungarian game show we presented Mad Bullets, and many players tried it :slight_smile: they like it!

Hey folks, iOS and Android version coming soon!
And we plan the pc version too, so we put the game on Steam Greenlight!
Please vote if you like!…/?id=283956985

Hey this looks pretty awesome. Hope it is a success!

Our game is released on iOS! Its free!

Did you create this game with 3dsMax?

yes, because blender needs new features and the ui is bad

our game is featured by apple! we are on the front page on the store (us and more)!!!