Mad Professor Stylized Sculpt

Hi there,

I tried to go for a ‘mad professor’ type look for this sculpt and I think he certainly looks mad enough ;).
I’ll probably take this a little further still since I quite like how it turned out (though it’s a bit creepy^^).
All done in blender with dynamic toplogy. For the material I played around with dirty vertex colors (thanks to whoever added those to blender. They’re a huge time saver) and added a bit of gloss. Nothing fancy.
Work time was about 1h.
2500 samples in Cycles.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this :slight_smile:

Ps: This was my first post. I thought it was finally time to actually contribute something instead of just browsing threads and admiring other peoples work.


looks cool. would be a good one to retopo / texture.

Thanks for the reply. I’m glad you like it.
Retopologizing it might be a good idea. I’ll definitely work on it some more and try to refine it. I’m also considering giving him a body including labcoat and maybe some glasses. Will have to scour the net for good inspiration :slight_smile:
Then I will move on to texturing some time over the weekend.

you could give the lab coat some blood spatter

That would certainly fit the theme, good idea.

here’s a spatter texture I made:

Thank you for the brush, I’ll definitely try it out.