mad scientist (2nd render posted)

Here is something I made for the Elysiun weekend challenge (“mad scientist” theme):

Just under 2 hours of modeling/texturing/lighting. Approximately 1 hour to render. Textures are procedural (some of 2.33’s new noise models used here). Hair is a particle effect. Energy uses halo material. This was made in Blender 2.33 with AO.


lol, very funny. :wink:

I like the tesla things and the comical aspect, although it looks like you brought the scientist from a cartoon and superimposed him into a horror movie.

oh, and he doesn’t look very mad; bring those eyebrows down like this - :< .

can we see a screenie about the hair? its very good.

nice- looks different from your other pics though

Crap, and I thought it was going to be easy for me because there were no other WIP’s being maintained.

Great job Robert, just wish he had teeth… but for the amount of time you spent on it, wow.

Ironic thing about mine is I’ve been studying chem and physics at the University pond between working on it, thus, the “water make me go crazy” bit.

yeah thats awsome

That’s pretty awesome, especially for 2 hours work. Few things could be improved (as I’m sure your expert eyes already see) but over all it is quite amazing. I smell a win coming on . . .

LOL, now that’s just crazy. As Dwarfose pointed out, it does look different from the other renders (not that I don’t like the crazy scientist dude ). And I just can’t seem to go beyond a sphere with a cloud texture, even after two hours of work :stuck_out_tongue:

Wiggie: Thanks :slight_smile: He’s kind of like that… he started out a nice curious scientist then got increasingly strange the more he played with voltage :slight_smile: Right now he’s delerious with power after discovering a new way to create energy :smiley:

traitor: I’ll post one below :wink:

Dwarfose: Thanks. I am deliberately (for better or worse) trying to achieve different/fresh results. I don’t want to get stuck being known as doing something predictable. In terms of tone, this one was more lighthearted than previous recent projects (except my hare/tortoise race for the sports wc). With all the new features in 2.33, I’m going to remain experimental for a while and try out different things :slight_smile:

shbaz: I was thinking about a WIP thread, but I didn’t have time for that. His teeth are somewhere in the lab… :smiley:

Wu: Thank you very much Wu!

NQE1: I haven’t seen other entries yet, but I think BgDM has a very well done and competitive entry. Definitely - lots and lots could be improved here! I wish this was one of those WCs where I had 20+ straight hours to blend something fiercely intricate. I had fun and did something different, so that’s like a win in itself :slight_smile:

Friday13: Thanks :slight_smile: different. Much simpler lighting, lower than usual OSA settings, also ambient occlusion and new textures at play here. Also played with the ray trace octet setting (not sure how that impacted this yet :P).

Thanks again everyone for the feedback! I’ll post a wireframe after this message.


A wireframe (the hair is not “wires” but actually particles):

wireframe 1




That’s pretty nice as always, Robertt. Nice usage of static particles with the hair.

I really like those electric thingies in the background. very nice.

The size of the fingers really bugs me. They seem awfully small for a hand of that size. But, as usual, this is some great work. I really like how you did the particles, mine can never turn out like that.

Hippie: Thank you Hippie! It one of the best particle based hair setups I ever achieved.

Here’s a shaded view/alternate angle view of the background elements

Jeeves: Thanks for the feedback! The hands are angled back as he’s throwing his arms and back. I fixed them a bit though.

I’m posting a new render below :slight_smile:


Here’s a new render which I’m using for my wc entry.

Here’s the old one for comparison.

I tweaked the lighting and added more lamps to layer one, where the character is, also tried to make the electricity more electrical. Tweaked some more things. He is now properly illuminated, or is that electrified? :stuck_out_tongue: Lower AO values in this render due to time constraints, hence a little more grain.

Hope you like the new render!


Ah, I think the fingers look much better now.