Made by Blender

Screenshoots of Blender page, with old Blender logo
Rendered in Yafaray

1500 * 1000 pix


That’s the forbidden format because images using it are huge, never use .bmp unless you like filling up webspace real fast.

why don’t you use tiff :frowning: ?

You can download it and convert to TIFF if you like it. I dont see why the BMP is forbidden format, it is format like any other. I put that image on Rapidshare, so it can be very large, and doesnot fill mine or any other webspace .

Cause it’s a useless format. This is common net etiquette. Use a jpg instead. If I was on a modem it would take 35 minutes to see that.

.TIFF format isn’t net format too. But it would be at least half that size.

.TIFF format isn’t net format too. But it would be at least half that size.

was Joking .

This thread is useless. All of you take mine BMP as biggest mistake of all time: from Bing Bang to now.
As I know BMP dont use any compression, and JPG does. But I dont think that is important in what format mine picture is. Is picture good or not, not size, format or anything have matter.

no one has even seen the picture yet i bet. no one wants to deal with rapidshare because it’s a huge pain. secondsly the file is huge and at rapidshare speeds it will take a months of sundays to download it.
here’s a tip if you want comments on your picture. change it to jpg and simply attach to your message and everyone will atuomaticly see the picture.

Attached in JPG


You can set the .jpg compression to a low value and it’ll be less then 1/4 the size without losing too much quality,:eyebrowlift:

You are right :slight_smile:
But, why then we render to get superb quality, and then use JPEG to lose some quality?
BMP is mine favorit: what ever you say :))

You can use PNG, it’s lossless too and much smaller than BMP.

use PNG, BMP is the noobest format of all time

JPG’s pretty good for the web, for things that aren’t photos and renders SVG rules, it’s a very small vectorial (that means no pixels :D) image format.

PNG is the best image format. Lossless, but still fairly small. Usually about twice the size of a JPEG, and WAY smaller than a .tiff or .tga or .bmp.

i don’t know :smiley:

The image is kinda neat, i guess. The tiled background’s are a little boring, nothing really going on. Anyhoo, it’s kinda fun to look at :smiley:

This is first comment of mine picture: until now comment about PNG; JPG; TIFF and BMP :slight_smile:

Hay pepi, don’t take what they say to offensively, if people didn’t care at least a little about your picture/you they wouldn’t have bothered to post anything at all. As some posts have alluded to already, the only reason people don’t use .bmp over the net it the size. Not everyone has the fastest connection, and the extra size can cause much longer load times. So it really is simply about respecting other people’s time.

As for the picture, and getting this thread back on topic (everyone):
Not bad, you probably know more about texturing then I do, and have shown that in a render. :stuck_out_tongue: With that little fact in mind I would say one way you could turn this into something more interesting is go crazy and make a 3-D web page layout. That would be pretty cool even as just a pic to make people imagine what the web would look like in 3D. You could even branch off and do other sites as well… :slight_smile:
Sorry, I see things people make and my mind gets carried away on a thought about it and then I clutter up your threads with it. But seriously feel free to use that idea, just be sure to show us all if you do!


Thank you :slight_smile:
I re-made picture, and made it with pictures from web portal of my country. Add some sphere glasses, and metallic cylinders.
Hope you like it more now


im still not to sure as to what its ment to be? it looks cool and funky, maybe you should try make something of it? like what atemporalskill (sorry if i got that wrong jus took a quick glance at ur name lol) said.


ps. as for these guys i agree i always use .PNG file format, makes it easier :).