Made Rick Grimes eevee

Hi guys?
i Use blender 3d free software has made Rick Grimes
The texture was painted using substance and everything else was made with blender 3d
I’m increasingly trusting blender 3D.
It’s a very satisfying program​:smile::upside_down_face:



Impressive !
And I had a look on the video on your Youtube channel about the WIP, why not posting it here as well ? :slight_smile:

See you :slight_smile: ++

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Wow, Holy shit, it’s Game AAA $ $

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thanks~ There was a problem with the video and I re-uploaded it. Sorry

thanks~ i need more study and more practice. :smiley:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Great work, congrats.

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render introduction video
sculpting video

I used to use video hyperlinks here for questions and then became temporarily blocked. So I thought I shouldn’t link the video.
I’ve re-uploaded the video with 4K encoded new video.
But this isn’t a Wip video, it’s just a introduction.

thank you~

thank you~ Blender’s particle hair was frustrating when I first used it, but I didn’t really understand the function. I am very happy with particle hair right now. However, when converting to a mesh, it would be nice to have a mesh thickness control.

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thanks~ i need more study and practice :smiley:

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nothing much to say, this is beautiful!

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thank you~ :laughing: :smiley:

nice work!

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so recognizable! A.Lincoln / Rick Grimes … it’s accurate!

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thank you!~ i will more practice

thank you~ :laughing::smiley:

Very impressive work, likeness is spot on.

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thank you!~